Intelligent security platform based on AI deep-learning,
collaboration between fixed CCTV and PTZ camera

Intelligent security platform, i-Secu

i-Secu is intelligent security platform based on AI deep-learning, collaboration between fixed CCTV and PTZ camera.
i-Secu performs walking-through access management and abnormal behavior detection.

Access Management

Supports access management service by using face recognition through deep-learning technology in CCTV environment and PTZ camera which can exactly detect face at a long distance.

Product Function
Abnormal Behavior Detection

Recognize anomaly behavior (assault, fight, burglary, vandalism, swoon, wonder, trespass, dump, robbery, kidnap and drunken, etc.) through deep-learning technology from CCTV video in real time.

Product Function
Auto Masking & Integrity

Faces in CCTV footage are automatically masked in real-time using deep-learning technology to provide privacy and stored in a storage device. In addition, the system provides integrity function for all CCTV footage.

Product Function
Object Tracking & Searching

Features of detected object such as person and car is extracted in real-time by deep learning technology and stored in database for object tracking and image searching at high speed from stored CCTV footage.

Product Function

System Architecture

Intelligent Security Platform, OSN-EYE1 support any type of cameras and server.
OPENSYSNET will provide ultimate security platform based on customer’s requirement with reasonable cost


i-Secu is recommended for the following

Deep Learning Edge Box for providing CCTV video security

Small Facility

· Deep Learning Edge Box for providing CCTV video security.
· Some of anomaly detection can not be supported because of performance..

Intelligent Traffic Control CCTV Billing System

Small Facility

· Reference : Traffic Violation CCTV for MMDA(Metro Manila Development Authority) in Philippine
· i-Secu was applied in this system for recognizing traffic violation and plate number from CCTV footage through deep-learning.

360˚ Omnidirectional CCTV Based Intelligent Parking Platform

Parking Platform

· This platform is next generation parking platform to support the smart mobility functions such as unmanned valet parking, map-based parking reservation and abnormal behavior detection.
· i-Secu was applied in this system for recognizing plate number and abnormal behavior detection through deep-learning.

Smart Public Security Platform

스마트 공공 보안 플랫폼

· Smart Public Security Platform can be used in various public places such as toilet, park for keeping public safety.
· The i-Secu performs face recognition, gender recognition and abnormal detection based on AI deep-learning technology.

Walking-Through Access Control

Access Control

· Reference : GreenField Corporation in Philippines
· This platform is Walking-Through Access Control for controlling VIP visit, illegal access, visitor, etc in resorts or private building.
· The security guards can be aware of visitor through AI recognition in real-time.


Our software can be performing various type of object detection and recognition based on AI deep learning training.

  • Competitiveness Integrated security
    • Top-level technology in facial recognition and AI deep-learning.
    • Provides quick customization and proposes reasonable prices.
    • Improves system performance through continuous development and strict quality control.
  • Competitiveness Compatibility
    • Provides compatibility with any CCTV, camera and server.
    • Compatible with current facility and easy integration with customer’s management tool.
  • Competitiveness Accuracy and Performance
    • Top-level accuracy in facial recognition, abnormal detection, plate number detection, etc.
    • High performance based on stable system and continuous development.

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