Parking Here

Next generation smart parking platform Parking Here parking platform to support
the smart mobility functions such as map-based
parking reservation & abnormal behavior detection.

Parking Here, Smart Mobility Evolution
Beyond legacy parking systembased on charging
through access control

Parking Here was develop through deep-learning algorithmsby OPENSYSNET’s own technology.
We promise providing differentiated service through next generation parking solution.

Parking Map Authoring Tool

Parking administrator can design parking lot information without any software modification in the web.

Product Function
Abnormal Behavior Detection

Recognize anomaly behavior such as assault, fight, burglary, vandalism, swoon, wonder, etc.

Product Function
Automatic License Plate Recognition

Recognize various vehicle plate for each country by deep learning technology.

Product Function
Intelligent Services

Map-based parking guidance service through mobile app (detection of idle parking spaces through real-time image recognition and MAP-based convenience are provided)

Product Function


Parking Here, Real-time image recognition deep learning-based parking platform with 12 multi-parking lot recognition technology

  • BENEFITS 360-degree omnidirectional CCTV

    360-degree omnidirectional CCTV image recognition-based multi-faceted vehicle number recognition

  • BENEFITS Abnormal Recognition

    Provides abnormal detection services based on image recognition deep learning

  • BENEFITS Map based Parking Guide

    detection of idle parking spaces through real-time image recognition and MAP-based convenience are provided

  • BENEFITS Intelligent Services

    Various payment services through mobile payment application

Next Generation Parking Platform,
Try Parking Here Service for Your Easy Parking!

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